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Keeping Ann Arbor Quiet Since 1957

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Keeping Ann Arbor Quiet Since 1957

What customers are saying...


"My 98 Honda civic was making some strange noises, so I brought it around town. After Hoover Street Auto Care and the Midas right next to Ann Arbor Muffler quoted me at $350 and $300 to get my muffler replaced, I brought my car here and got in and out in less than an hour and drove off with a new muffler for about 150 bucks."

- Corinne U.  


"This place is possibly the best shop I've ever been to. Reasonable, friendly and fast. I had a muffler replaced, a front-end alignment and an oil change. These guys made quick work of it after a short wait for another customer's vehicle to be finished."

- Mike H.